What I Eat in a Week is a Plant Based Docuseries with certified plant based nutritionist, Lisa A. Smith.


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  • Access to a private Facebook group where Lisa will share EVERY SINGLE MEAL she eats for 7 days. You will have the opportunity to ask questions about ANYTHING including nutritional content, possible substitutions, where to buy or how to prepare the ingredients.
  • The exact ​recipe of every single meal that is homemade
  • The name and location of any meals she has when dining out
  • ​Digital download of Lisa's recipe book, The Plant Based Foodie :)
  • Seven day food audit of YOUR meals. You will be invited onto Lisa's private meal tracking app where you will log all of your food for 7 days after which you'll receive a complimentary one-on-one nutrition consultation with which will include a full review of your food and recommendations for jumpstarting your plant based lifestyle!
  • Special surprise that Lisa will reveal during the series


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What I Eat in a Week Docuseries


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