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Plant Based Nutrition Will Take You Higher Interview -
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Lisa was incredible last night. Her brain -OMG. I really enjoyed her, thank you for a powerful night! -Maura, co-founder of Samastah Yoga 

"I cannot wait to go to another one of your events. You are an incredibly powerful speaker!"- Anonymous

I thought I had enough information on healthy living. Yesterday the information you presented was powerful. It was so many things I learned yesterday. I had assumed to hear subjects from before which may be true but you have found the way to bring it home. You are the best.-JW 

"Thank you so much for the wisdom and health habits that you are imparting to us as followers and for those who as yet know not. You have created a genuine game changer that is going to have a positive impact on so many lives!" - L. Manigault

"I told you all earlier that I needed to pick one woman that I look up to. It was a difficult decision but I knew this morning it would be Lisa Angel Smith but watching her live just fully confirmed it! She's such an inspiration!!! If you're looking for someone that doesn't possess excuses, is efficient, kind and just overall a phenomenal woman LOOK NO FURTHER!!!" - M. Collins

"I will be honest and say that I thought I would have given up over the course of these last 3 months. I'm so used to yo-yo dieting, interval training sessions BUUUT TA-DAY...I gotta testimony. I am approaching this from a completely different mindset. With the help of one of Detroit's best plant based nutritionists, life coach and personal trainer, Lisa Angel Smith, she done got ya girl soul beaming, skin popping, mind elevated and body 'bout to be banging, so blame her if you see me feeling myself too much!" - B. Williams

"I have attended your monthly nutrition classes, listened to your podcast and lectures and just received your cook book so I would say I am learning a lot about nutrition now thanks to you!!" - P. Smith

"The two things I enjoyed best were the green plate exercise and your presentation. Thinking it through you have people depending on you for answers to their health concerns. You are doing great at sharing information and knowledge. I appreciate you and the service you provide." - J. Mitchell 

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